Testimonials for Anthony

Small Circle, Yang Style Tai Chi in Thailand

Anthony's teaching and experience come from years of personal practice and travel throughout Asia.

His way of teaching through the body comes primarily from Chinese Masters encompassing both Yang and Chen Tai Chi, giving him a deep understanding of the tradition and roots of Tai Chi.

Burmese Vipassana, Tibetan Buddhism and Zen are also influences in his way of Being.

My 10 day Tai Chi course with Anthony on the island of Koh Yao Noi in Thailand has given me a practice I can use daily to balance a hectic London life and working as a body psychotherapist.

Deirdre, London - 2024

HeartTouch for Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the teaching and presentation from Anthony was excellent.

I felt anxious when I started but that disappeared throughout the session.

Everyone in the group was really friendly and got on well.

I'm going to practice this in my own time and with others as we have started our little group, as I find this helps a great deal with my mental health.

I recommend Heartouch to anybody who suffers from any kind of mental illness.

Alex, Bristol - 2024

HeartTouch: Working with Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma

This course helped me see the need to consider space.

As a newly qualified Shiatsu therapist my instinct is to connect and enquire through touch, but this course opened my mind and body to the value of allowing space: to sit; to breathe; to be; before connecting.

Jacqui (Shiatsu Therapist), Scotland - 2024

HeartTouch for Psychotherapists

Thank you for rich and inspiring workshop and for the follow-up.

I feel well equipped to start introducing elements of HeartTouch into my practice.

A good result!

Teresa (Psychotherapist), Bristol - 2023

HeartTouch for Psychotherapists

Accessible introduction to HeartTouch providing a variety of experiences.

Gentle and safe. Good pace - not rushed.

Emphasis on comfort and self-care.

An essential workshop to broaden experience and perspectives on health, with focussed attention on the body in a safe and accepting environment.

Louise (Psychotherapist & Ex-Psychiatrist), Bristol - 2023

Well-Being Coaching Homestay

Anthony came to stay with me for 3 and a half days of one-on-one sessions of Qi gong, Hara conditioning, katsugen and Heart-Touch practices.

I had enjoyed experiencing these practices in a group of Anthony's previously and felt that I would benefit hugely from becoming more familiar with them, in order to create and keep up my own practice.

I have some ongoing and chronic, sometimes acute, health issues which, I instinctively know, create a need to regularly ground and relax my body and get out of “thinking mode” and also “doing mode”.

Anthony's practices enable me to do this far more successfully than other modalities I have tried eg sitting meditation and yoga.

What is so inspiring about Anthony is that he is always really in tune with how his body and emotions feel and what practices he needs to do in the moment to bring his body back into balance.

You could literally see it happening.

He would talk about this in real time as we did the practices, which in turn, through resonance, helped me start to feel inside my own body and mind and, through this I am beginning to intuit what is needed for myself.

While Anthony was with me we did two hours qi gong/katsugen each day as well as 2 hours of Heart-Touch practice.

In between, he shared very generously about his life journey, experiences and practices. He is really great and fun company: it was super-nice just having him around!

Above all, Anthony inspires me with hope that, by doing the practices, I can continue to reduce my anti-psychotic medication and the awful side-effects these cause.

Susannah, UK - 2023

HeartTouch for Community Well-being Groups

This course brought me back to the importance of the basics.

In a world where we are constantly trying to adhere to a variety of societal rules, we end up withdrawing and becoming lonely in a room full of people.

Remember, when you were children, and our mother would hug us, and all your problems and worries would disappear?

This is how I felt in the heart touch class.

I feel that we have to go back to the basics, and to give importance to hugging, to let ourselves be hugged in a safe way.

We all need touch, but we have forgotten it, or are afraid of it.

During the heart touch course, we learned how to create safety through consent, how to put rules for safe interaction, so we can let ourselves be vulnerable, and become able to give and receive touch.

And through this touch, create a sense of safety and belonging.

I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn how to create a safe space for physical contact, and to learn to be open and vulnerable with themselves, an opportunity to learn how to hold others and let themselves be held.

Juliana, Talk for Health HeartTouch Day, London - 2023

HeartTouch for Community Well-being Groups

Anthony's teaching was exceptional and this short course was wholly transformative both personally and professionally.

We were able to spend an entire morning regulating our own nervous systems via several grounding exercises such as qigong - most entirely new and transformative for me.

From this embodied and grounded base we were then able to hold and receive others in the afternoon session.

On arriving in the morning, I was feeling particularly vulnerable and there was an additional feeling of anxiety about what the course might entail.

The title 'Heart Touch' therefore summoned feelings of intrigue mixed with dread!

What might happen in the space? Would this be something nourishing and informative or open up even more vulnerability and anxiety...?

Anthony is an incredible human being with a deep awareness of the human experience.

He openly shared much of his own journey with us from his earlier traumas to his personal healing -via a medical health system than failed him.

Anthony has committed to years and years of exploration of self-healing and the healing of others - and you will feel that in his sessions.

I felt completely safe, supported, nourished, conscious and held, and now have a new toolkit for my own personal well-being and the well-being of others.

Thank you Anthony!

Lucy, Talk for Health HeartTouch Day, London - 2023

HeartTouch for Community Well-being Groups

What I appreciated about the training was experiencing a way to connect, communicate and meet the other from meeting myself first.

Anthony facilitated this by applying himself what he asked the group to do and the language he used to accompany the physical process

His work opens up a different way of connecting to ourselves and others; it's down-to-earth, interactive, skillful;

Gerda, Talk for Health HeartTouch Day, London - 2023

HeartTouch for Community Well-being Groups

The technique that Anthony Fidler shared with us felt an essential in the took kit for self care and for authentic relating to one self and to others, as well as a potential to build more conscious community.

I appreciated the pace of presenting, the integration of practice and theory, the modelling of the technique and the way I felt connected to myself , the person I did afternoon exercise with an the whole group.

I live with persistent pain. I felt this technique really helped my body and mind to regulate and regain balance.

Pilar, Talk for Health HeartTouch Day, London - 2023

HeartTouch for Community Well-being Groups

It is a good tool for connection and possibly for healing as well.

Pak, Talk for Health HeartTouch Day, London - 2023

HeartTouch for Community Well-being Groups

I never thought I could slow down my body, breathing and movements in just one workshop!

I learnt so much about my own body and how to breathe for relaxation.

I really felt a weight had been lifted off my body!

I enjoyed working with touch and how wonderful it can feel to receive and give light touch. It's amazing how you feel

Linda, Talk for Health HeartTouch Day, London - 2023

HeartTouch for Community Well-being Groups

Hearttouch is a practice of connection, respect and exchange of energy - so essential on this era when people don't interact in this form anymore.

We can give more.

Thank you Anthony, I had a great day.

Paula, Talk for Health HeartTouch Day, London - 2023

HeartTouch for Community Well-being Groups

Anthony's honesty about his own problems and personal experiences made it possible to relate to him more easily and to value his instructions.

He presents himself as a companion on the way.

Ernest, Talk for Health HeartTouch Day, London - 2023

HeartTouch for Community Well-being Groups

Anthony really opened my eyes to the reality that I was living - too driven by fear, feeling trapped in my life, in my body, and living without touch.

His way of explaining was very authentic and straight from the heart, and it made me feel very secure.

I went home and asked permission of my family if I could touch them on the shoulder now and again, and they said 'yes'.

Even after a few times, it made me feel much more connected, more grounded, not so alone. Thank you Anthony

Gina, Talk for Health HeartTouch Day, London - 2023

HeartTouch for Psychotherapists

Thank you for a day that gave me an awakening to return to exploring my experience of deafness.

I felt held which I appreciated.

Thank you for the notes and handouts.

There is lots of richness/depth being offered in your work, thank you

Emma (Core Process Psychotherapist), Edinburgh - 2023

HeartTouch for Psychotherapists

Thank you Anthony.

I really enjoyed and valued the day that you presented.

Not that you need it, but I am heartily recommending your approach to anyone that I think may benefit or be interested.

Achalavira (CPP, Karuna Institute Tutor), Edinburgh - 2023

HeartTouch Training

If you've tried everything else and the medical model is no longer serving you, Anthony's workshops offer a great taster for his practice.

If you like Butekyo breathing, Thai Chi, Yoga, Qui Gong you'll definitely get something out of the sessions.

Pete, Lothlorien Therapeutic Community - 2023

HeartTouch Training

A huge thank you to Anthony, and James (Safely Held Spaces) for coming to stay with us to deliver the HeartTouch workshop.

All were supported and felt safe in the space created by Anthony.

The practices were beautiful and helped us all to connect with ourselves and to each other.

We each took something positive from your visit and will be integrating the techniques into our daily habits 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Anthony held the space so beautifully. We cannot recommend these workshops enough.

Lothlorien Therapeutic Community - 2023

Sei Ki HeartTouch Training

Dear Anthony, thank you very much for your amazing Sei Ki Heart Touch course.

Due to your appreciative manner, I felt very cared for during the 3 days with you.

The class boosted my self-confidence and also my trust in my energetic perception.

I'm looking forward to coming to a course again.

Corinne, Kientalerhof - 2023

Sei Ki HeartTouch Training

Anthony, my client's feedback was that she could stay here forever.

She felt totally at home within herself.

I implemented SeiKi Heart Touch in my other sessions as well.

Thanks a million Anthony, it is really beautiful work.

Flavia (Shiatsu Practitioner), Kientalerhof - 2023

Sei Ki HeartTouch Training

Wenige Tage Workshop.. und etwas in mir hat den Wert dieser Arbeit erkannt.

Es ist einfach und trifft den Kern im Menschen.

Leben trifft auf Leben. Wunderschön, ich wäre gerne noch länger geblieben.

Danke, Anthony!

Only a few days of Workshop.. and something in me recognised the worth of this work.

It is easy to do, when understood, and goes to the core of the human.

Life meets Life.

It was wonderfull and I would have liked to stay longer.

Thank you Anthony!

Hanna, Kientalerhof - 2023

Sei Ki HeartTouch Training

Die Arbeit mit Sei Ki HeartTouch hat bei mir nicht nur als Empfangende auf verschiedenen Ebenen so vieles gelöst, sonder auch als Gebende sind mir bei dieser wunderbaren Form der Berührung so viele Dinge klar geworden, die mich Persönlich bereichert haben und mich aber auch in meiner Arbeit als Therapeutin einen riesigen Schritt weitergebracht haben!

Manchmal ist weniger eindeutig mehr!

Karin (Shiatsu Practitioner), Kientalerhof - 2023

HeartTouch Training

Anthony Fidler has remarkable qualities and much valuable experiences of creating safe spaces where we can together explore difficult things.

This happens through movement, touch, breath work and so much more.

He has a very instinctive approach that can tune in to what people need regardless of their circumstances and needs.

I can thoroughly recommend people to join his workshops especially for families who are struggling with emotional distress.

Jen (Soteria Network UK), Skipton - 2023

HeartTouch Training

I came to HeartTouch through a posting that was shared with me online. Wasn't quite sure what to expect, but as I do a lot of work in Mindfulness and have been interested in Reiki and being a massage therapist, I thought I'd give it a go.

This work is about the individual opening up to the power of touch and flow of energy in the body.

That is it... there is nothing magical or out there about it.

The weekend we spent together was tribute to the power of this way of being.

No matter what you have going on, physical, mental, emotional... this work is so important.

Not only receiving the touch, but also offering the touch.

I am looking forward to taking this work of touch as well as mindful movement into my daily life and sharing it with whomever is open and interested in it.

Thanks Anthony!

James (Oxford Mindfulness Tutor), Bristol - 2023

HeartTouch Training

Anthony is a very engaging and enthusiastic presenter, he has a deep, uncompromising love for his practice and an unstinting generosity in sharing his knowledge.

His workshop has helped me to refresh my Qi-based practice and develop my understanding of this fascinating work.

Elise (Shiatsu Student), Bristol - 2023

HeartTouch Training

Anthony creates a welcoming and safe space, and he is very open about his own past mental heath struggles.

This enhances trust and a sense of community for participants who have faced/are facing mental health challenges.

Furthermore, it creates a sense of equity and democratises (as much as possible) the therapeutic space where participants are considered *experts* of their bodies and experience.

Dina (Peer Mental Health Researcher), Bristol - 2023

HeartTouch Training

I would certainly recommend people give Heart Touch workshops a try.

It's simple and affective treatment almost anyone can learn. I came away feeling empowered in body, mind and soul.

Peter (Core Process Psychotherapist), Bristol - 2023

Well-Being Coaching Homestay

Anthony stayed with us for a few days, which allowed him to observe the dynamics within the house and give some very helpful feedback.

He ran sessions around practising emotional resonance, we did some chanting to clear energies, he led a qi gong session and demonstrated his Heart Touch technique and got us to practice it.

He is very versatile and adapts to any situation, feeling intuitively what is needed at the moment in way that is beneficial to all present.

The person suffering from a mental health issue didn't actively take part in the sessions, but was definitely touched by them.

Anthony also seemed to act as a catalyst as several development took place while he was staying, which resulted in an opening up and a re-alignment of everyone's purpose.

While he stayed with us he shared meals with us and we went on walks, he is very easy-going and has a shiny personality which makes him a very pleasant guest.

Jenny, France - 2023

HeartTouch Training

This is a great workshop for all those who wish to learn how to be there for themselves!

I've always struggled to soothe myself when others aren't available and I've been implementing new things that Anthony confirmed was useful, giving me further tools to practice on.

We also learnt other ways for others to be there for us and that was very interesting too.

"I've learnt nothing" is probably right, as I've learnt so much by very simple, but often missed, things to which Anthony guide us back towards.

Anna (Shiatsu Student), Norwich - 2023

ResourceBalance for Chronic Stress & Burnout

I recently attended a Resource Balance workshop held in the beautiful DOJO space in London.

It was great to be able to connect with other people in a safe and sacred space where we learnt under the guidance of two talented and passionate individuals, practices to harness and resource our energy levels and vitality.

I will definitely be using these practices going forwards.

I found it lovely connecting in person and well worth the journey/effort getting there, rather than opting just for online classes. Screens have their limitations!

I left feeling confident and empowered in helping myself recover from chronic illness in a positive way with others.

Great for therapists wanting to learn more techniques for their practice or for people like myself recovering from illnesses or just looking for ways to live a good, authentic life.

Rebecca, UK - 2023

ResourceBalance for Chronic Stress & Burnout

I really loved my experience with Anthony and Snezhana.

It was a very comfortable space and they provided a good balance between practical exercises and theoretical explanations around very useful concepts and practices.

I took away many tools that I will use in my own life to increase my energy levels, connection to myself, and have better balance.

Camille (student therapist), UK - 2023

ResourceBalance for Chronic Stress & Burnout

Anthony and Snezhana's Resource Balance Workshop was a day well spent with a nice group of interesting people in a beautiful venue (The Dojo, Kensal Green, North West London).

For me personally, it was a great introduction to Tai Chi which has inspired me to take Tai Chi classes in the future.

Throughout the course of the day, I gained some interesting insights into the way that my own mind works and how I might be able to become more 'open' and grow as a person.

The hands-on shiatsu practice at the end of the day was very soothing and I finished the day feeling very relaxed,positive, mentally and physically soothed.

Highly recommended.

Alex, UK - 2023

ResourceBalance for Chronic Stress & Burnout

Anthony and Snezhana's workshop on Rebalancing Energies is a great resource for anyone who has difficulty with any kind of stress or moments of distress in life.

They took us through many different ways of looking at what we have going on in our daily lives and different ways to approach working with anything that we may want to get moving through our bodies.

I came away feeling energised and deeply connected to my own energy and the field around me.

This is work that is so important in today's world when we are bombarded with outside stressors at every level.

Remembering that we have an energy body ourselves and that it needs a bit of care and protection is such valuable work.

I couldn't recommend this workshop enough for anyone who is interested in finding ways of creating more peace and prosperity in our own lives.

Many thanks for a great workshop and wonderful insights.

James (Oxford Mindfulness Tutor), UK - 2023

Online One-To-One Wellness Coaching

I had a one to one online session with Anthony. It was very straightforward and easy to book a session.

Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge of different Eastern practices, presenting them in an easy to understand format.

From his own lived experiences, he also understands the practicalities and challenges of being a sensitive and empathetic human being in the modern world, offering lots of guidance in ways of finding peace and inner resilience.

Having struggled to find online teachers that can cater for specific health conditions, Anthony is able to adapt sessions, putting you at ease.

Would highly recommend Anthony for learning how to live with more peace and balance within.

Rebecca, UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

Anthony has this wonderful skill to make practices powerful but simple enough so I can use them in every day life.

I very much appreciated learning a technique of safe touch to soothe and release emotions, which I will certainly use with my clients.

Silvija (Psychotherapist), Luxembourg - 2023

HeartTouch Training

The Heart Touch Training was completely new to me.

I hoped this might be another step in helping me deal with some childhood trauma that I am currently working on from different angles.

The training was focussed on grounding and coming back to your own breath and turning towards your inner being, finding this deeper connection with oneself in the first place and all of this in a safe place, and yes, it worked!

I felt immediately at ease and was able to feel the connection and calmness coming over me.

This training gave me some precious tools that I will surely use on my personal journey.

Annick, Luxembourg - 2023

HeartTouch Training

Anthony was really engaging and down to earth with this workshop.

There was plenty of practices to try out and opportunity to reflect.

I learned a great deal which will inform both my own personal growth as well as my practice as a shiatsu practitioner.

I intend bringing some of the practices into my own personal and professional practice.

Thanks to Anthony for his compassionate presence, honesty and heart opening quality to his creative heart-touch approach, may it continue to grow in our communities where it is so needed . Corrinna Bain, shiatsu practitioner.

Corrinna (Shiatsu Practitioner), UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

Anthony's engaging and authentic teaching style provides a very grounded approach to this work, inspired by his own experiences and work with Akinobu Kishi

Elaine (Co-Chair Board of Shiatsu Society), UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

The work helped me immensely.

I have not felt so calm and grounded for a very long time.

I feel the work gave me some valuable tools to calm and ground myself.

Really grateful for the safe and welcoming space that Anthony created and held throughout the day.

Dina (Peer Mental Health Researcher), UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

I would highly recommend Anthony's training to anyone needing to down-regulate their nervous system and wishing to be better able to connect with others.

Anthony's practices are unique, grounded in decades of training with Eastern masters.

Through these he has discovered what helps him in his moment to moment experience of life.

He embodies his experience with complete authenticity and this is what makes the training so powerful.

I felt really calm and revitalised by the day's workshop and look forward to attending another.

Anon, UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

I attended Anthony’s HeartTouch workshop not quite knowing exactly what to expect, and to be honest I was just the slightest bit apprehensive about how it would be to be touched by or have to touch someone I did not know.

But for some time now as a parent of a son with psychosis and as an advocate for compassionate healing outside of the coercive psychiatric model, I had a hunch that this work might be important.

Anthony has also worked with my eldest son online with really positive results, another reason I wanted to see the workshop practise for myself.

Within moments of arriving the space was so welcoming as was Anthony himself.

There were flowers that filled the room with beauty, and the dojo itself was light and airy.

We had tea and by the time we started the meditative walking practise I was fully present and grateful to be doing this work.

We chanted together, which I found so enriching. The touch work happened in the afternoon when there was a sense of safety and camaraderie that Anthony had created from the morning session.

The afternoon offered me a way to connect deeply to my own sense of self and also to the partner I was working with.

I think that the profound effect of touch cannot be overestimated. I wish that I had been able to use it when my son was distressed as I think it would have deescalated some of his fear.

We all need to learn to live in our body and to come back to the breath and to remind each other to do so.

The mind and body are but one organism as this workshop reaffirmed for me.

Thanks Anthony. I will be back and will put to use what this teaching has given me.

Tanya Frank (Author & Mental Health Campaigner), UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

I found the day really valuable.

It was structured and paced in such a way that one activity naturally moved to the next with increased intensity that always felt safe and healing.

Thank you Anthony.

Jo, UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

Simple yet such incredibly powerful work.

Exploring these practices in our society which is grossly touched deprived as a means for supporting each other is necessary now more than ever.

Thank you Anthony

Andrew, UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

The Heart touch training was an opportunity to develop an understanding of and participate in compassionate based bodywork.

It gave me an understanding of how therapeutic touch can soothe the nervous system and open the human heart.

Joan, UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

I would recommend Anthony's workshops and approach.

His focus, exploring our self perception and how to develop and work with this in relation to supporting both ourselves and others, I feel to be very effective.

Adam (Board of Shiatsu Society), UK - 2023

HeartTouch Training

The HeartTouch workshop was held in a beautiful Zen healing space, and we warmed up into the bodywork practices very gently.

Thank you.

Emily, UK - 2023

Online Embodied Mindfulness & Qi Gong

Anthony's Tai chi, qigong and hara conditioning workshops provide a safe and welcoming space where, at their own pace, participants are able to explore and to work with the embodied felt sensations and constrictions that arise in the midst of difficult experiences of mental and emotional distress.

As I was working with my own experiences of childhood trauma - and the ensuing spiritual crisis and liminal states - Anthony's workshops became a sanctuary in which I was able to soften and to show myself kindness, to ground difficult energies, and to bring my nervous system back into a state of tranquility and calm.

James, UK - 2022

Zen Mindfulness Course

Thank you very much, it took me a long way in dealing with my 'anxiety'.

You and your sessions played a big role in this by bringing me closer to the concept of mindfulness and teaching me some exercices I can easily integrate in my daily life. Thank you very much for this.

I never told you how grateful I am that I had the chance to meet you, but I've been thinking it for a while!

Marc, Luxembourg - 2019

HeartTouch for Anxiety & Burnout

Your workshop was very useful because it gave me a lot of tools to help me relax in a more profound way, acknowledge my feelings and come back to my body.

I also loved the compassionate touch practices.

I found them very rewarding, a great way to connect with other people and to honour our basic humanity.

Monica, Luxembourg - 2018