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Online Wellness Coaching

These sessions will include a combination of tailor suited practices from Zen Mindfulness, Qi Gong, Yang & Chen Style Tai Chi & Japanese Hara Training / Katsugen Undo.

We usually have a good conversation at the same time. No topics are off the table. I am not a psychologist or counsellor. I'm a human being who has had plenty of tricky experiences and come through them.

I am happy to consider sessions with anyone whatever their state of physical or mental health.

Fee: £80 / hour, £120 / 1 1/2 hours.

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Important Notes:

Wellness Coaching: I offer 'wellness / life coaching' sessions as an 'expert by experience'. I have professional training and up to date insurance to work with individuals as a Mindfulness teacher, a Bodywork therapist and as a Tai Chi teacher. I am not a regulated psychotherapist or counsellor.

Client Scope: I am willing to work with individuals experiencing any physical and mental health conditions.

Legal disclaimer: What you take from a session and put into action in your life is your personal responsibility. By engaging my services, I will assume you understand and accept this.

Payments: Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card via Wise or Paypal. I will send details. I request payment to be made before the agreed session.

The following needs to be understood by individuals with mental health needs:

Personal Responsibility: I expect individuals to take responsibility for themselves. I cannot take this on myself, though I will support people as best I can. If the individual cannot do this then family members need to take responsibility. If there is a situation in which no one is able to take responsibility, then sadly this is where the mental health services play an important role in our society.

Psychiatry: In my experience the psychiatric profession plays an important health and safety role for the society. I must acknowledge that for some people the use of neuroleptic medications may be appropriate despite the side-effects. When something better is available the treatments should be updated.

I also believe that there are individuals with more sensitivity who can be helped in other more gentle ways and right now these options are not available to them. Treatment with neuroleptic medications may prevent them from living out their full potential in life and this is very, very sad. Most people will prefer to look away unless it is their own life being ruined or that of someone they love but this cannot be ignored and needs to change in our society and mental health systems.

So while the pharmacology path may be the only option for some people, as a kindly psychiatrist once told me, if you can find any other path, take it...

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