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EasternPeace Tai Chi Qi Gong

Tai Chi Qi Gong comprises practices which prepare the practitioner to do Tai Chi well. They are superbly good for our health and for many are enough in themselves.

  • The various forms are easy to learn for most people.
  • They don't require too much time each day.
  • They can be adjusted to suit people of any age with any health condition.
  • And they are incredibly good for both your physical and mental health.

A perfect antidote to stress, tension and anxiety along with a miriad of other health conditions.

All you need to do is invest a little time each day and put them into practice.

What more can I say!

Tai Chi Qi Gong Exercises

I teach the following Qi Gong practices:

  • Walking into Mindfulness
  • Cleaning the Qi (Tu La)
  • Standing Tree Qi Gong
  • Joint Release Exercises
  • Eight Brochade (Ba Duan Jin)
  • Circling Qi Gong (Chan Si Jing)
  • Wave Hands Like Clouds
  • Spontaneous Circling Qi Gong

To get you started, there are some basic teaching videos available on my Qi Gong Video Training page.

Beyond these practices, I guide students into basic Tai Chi forms.

Nb. I am also a practitioner of Japanese Hara work which involves practices with quite a different quality. I present them as part of my Zen work

Courses & Workshops

Tai Chi Qi Gong Classes

Each Thursday evening I offer a class online sharing some of my Qi Gong practices.

Anthony sharing Qi Gong online

The practices have much to offer us to develop greater embodiment and enhanced physicality which serve us well when we need to strengthen our physical or mental health resilience.

Open to people with any physical or mental health condition.

Class Fee £15 / session. £7.50 concessions.

Maximum 5 people per class.

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Tai Chi Qi Gong Training

This is a six stage journey over 12 weeks in which the focus is on your daily practice, not the weekly classes themselves, which serve simply to support your personal Qi Gong exploration. I recommend at least 30-40 minutes per day or longer if you can.

Anthony practising Qi Gong in the garden

The syllabus for the six modules covers all of my Tai Chi Qi Gong practices.

Each two week module comprises:

  • An initial class to introduce new practices
  • A week alone to put them into practice
  • A second class to revise the practices, discuss what you have learnt and answer questions that have come up.
  • A second week to integrate the practices

And then we move on to the next module.

I believe if students are sincere in their motivation, then this structure can provide an effective vehicle for learning.

The course is supported by online videos, although you will see that in class, I always introduce subtleties of the practices which I cannot include in a simple video.

My intention is to offer this course both online and in person allowing access to people in different locations.

At some stage, I will also arrange training retreats again where we meet up in nice places like Tuscany and Southern Thailand!

Upcoming Qi Gong Courses:

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