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EasternPeace Zen Mindfulness

EasternPeace Zen Mindfulness is contemporary zen shared in a spiritual rather than religious context, enriched with the pragmatic teaching framework of Western Mindfulness.

Whether life is kind to us right now or challenging, what we all have in common is that absolutely everything we 'have', will be taken away from us at some stage.

Along the way, we will be separated from states of being, experiences, people and objects we love and value and at the same time will attract and experience things we would rather not, usually on a daily basis.

There is often nothing we can do about this...

And this basic truth of life has been the same for human beings since time began.

How one deals with life though, ones relationship to it and understanding of what it is about make all the difference and this is what we will explore in my Zen Mindfulness courses.

As the Dalai Lama says, "Misery is a Reality, but Suffering is a Choice".

I hope to give people that choice with these sharings.

Courses & Workshops

Zen Mindfulness : Embracing Life in it Beauty and Pain

This is a six stage journey exploring what the Buddha's teachings and recent Mindfulness research have to offer as an aid to living a happier, more fulfilling and richer life whatever ones present situation.

The titles for the six modules are :

  • It is Good that You Are!
  • You are a Sensitive Human Being, not a Doing!
  • You are also the Dark Side!
  • Because the Wind loves to Caress the Leaves of the Trees!
  • You are 'An Open Heart' - Abide where there is no Abiding!
  • Love is all there is!

The course is built around embodied mindfulness and introduces my Hara Conditioning and HeartTouch work, alongside mindfulness training.

This course has much to offer to people dealing with stress, anxiety, mild depression, work related burnout, health issues and manageable mental illnesses.

Upcoming Zen Mindfulness Courses

Apologies - no courses planned right now. If you contact me, I might be persuaded!

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