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My name is Anthony Fidler.
I am a practitioner & teacher of a Japanese Ki Therapy, Sei Ki.

I share a Mindfulness & Compassion based adaption of Sei-Ki which I call HeartTouch.

I am also a practitioner of Yang & Chen Style Tai Chi and have had a lifelong passion for Buddhist meditation, especially Vipassana and Zen.

Over the years, I have had an extensive 'spiritual' journey dealing with my personal emotional and mental health and have gained deep insights into working with trauma, abuse, anxiety and what is generally called spiritual emergency / psychosis.

My vocation now is to support others in their transformational journeys, whether that be from a position of good physical and mental health towards greater sensitivity and vitality as therapists or from a state of extreme distress and suffering, including spiritual crisis / psychosis.

I work both one to one and with small groups, sharing the many practices that have been helpful in my own life along with hard earned survival wisdom and hopefully plenty of good heart feeling.

I am happy to consider working with people with any conditions, mental or physical.

Contact me to arrange a one-to-one to see whether you can benefit from my work.

Upcoming / Ongoing Classes: Classes Page...

Tuesdays 20.15-21.15
Tai Chi Qi Gong Classes for Well-being & Vitality
Date: 25/06 - 17/09
Where: All Saints Woodham, Woking - More...

Tuesdays 2pm-3pm
Tai Chi Qi Gong Classes for Well-being & Vitality
Date: 9/07 - 17/09
Where: New Haw Library, Addlestone - More...

Wednesday 6.30pm-8.30pm
ResourceBalance for Chronic Stress
Date: 11/9/24
Where: BetterSpace, Farringdon, London - More...

Tuesdays 20.00-21.30
Tai Chi Foundations for Health & Well-being
Date: 8/10 - 12/11
Where: All Saints Woodham, Woking - More...

Upcoming Workshops: Workshops Page...

22/8 - 25/8 2024 : HeartTouch: Summer of Love
Where: Kiental, Switzerland - More...

31/8 - 1/9 2024 : Tai Chi Zen for Well-being & Vitality
Where: Piemonte, Italy - More...

3/9/24 19.30-21.30 : HeartTouch for Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma
Where: Lausanne - More...

14/9 - 15/9 : HeartTouch: Working with Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma
Where: Norwich - More...

12/10/24 : HeartTouch for Psychotherapists & Mental Health Practitioners
Where: Bristol - More...

13/10/24 : HeartTouch for Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma
Where: Bristol - More...

19/10/24 : HeartTouch: Autism & Adhd
Where: Otley, UK - More...

20/10/24 : HeartTouch for Well-being & Vitality
Where: Harrogate, UK - More...

26/10/24 : HeartTouch Training for Clinicians with Lived Experience of Breakdown & Trauma
Where: London - More...

9/11/24 : HeartTouch for Mental Health Practitioners, Psychotherapists & Bodyworkers
Where: Luxembourg - More...

15/11/24 : HeartTouch for Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma
Where: Lothlorien, Scotland - More...

16/11/24 : HeartTouch: Working with Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland - More...

17/11/24 : HeartTouch: Working with Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma
Where: Glasgow, Scotland - More...

22/11 - 24/11 2024 : Sei Ki HeartTouch: Working with Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma
Where: Kiental, Switzerland - More...

8/1 - 18/1 2025 : Tai Chi for Well-being & Vitality
Where: Koh Yao Noi, Thailand - More...

Recently Completed: Completed Events Page...

15/6 - 16/6 : HeartTouch for Well-being & Vitality
Where: Piemonte, Italy - How it went...

1/6/24 : HeartTouch Training for Psychotherapists, Clinicians & Bodyworkers
Where: London - How it went...

12/5/24 : HeartTouch for Anxiety, Emotional Pain & Trauma
Where: Bristol - How it went...

4/5/24 : HeartTouch for Psychotherapists, Clinicians & Bodyworkers
Where: Luxembourg - How it went...


Sei Ki HeartTouch

Sei Ki HeartTouch is the name I give to the resonance and compassionate touch based bodywork I share both as a group therapy and as a 1-1 bodywork / trauma therapy.

I offer training for others to share Sei Ki or teach the mindfulness version HeartTouch.

Anthony giving a Sei Ki treatment in Thailand
  • A connection practice helping us to not feel alone.
  • A training to help us connect with others better in daily life, whether personally or professionally.
  • An amazing soothing practice to ease any level of anxiety or agitation.
  • A trauma releasing 'body psychotherapy' able to free us from our suffering.
  • A Way of growing as a human being through meeting others in resonance.

Sei Ki HeartTouch is a simple yet profound practice which touches the core of what it means to be a human being.

More on EasternPeace Sei Ki HeartTouch

Hara Conditioning

Hara Conditioning is a blend of Japanese Katsugen Undo Regenerative Movement and Tai Chi Body Conditioning Exercises.

Anthony teaching Katsugen at Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London
  • A rejuvenation practice which helps us regain our inner vitality and aliveness.
  • A training to recover our body's natural wisdom and protective powers.
  • A mysterious healing practice, in which health issues may cease to be 'required' and disappear.
  • A great way to deal with body pain.
  • An amazing embodied mindfulness practice which cuts through states of emotional / mental imbalance and trauma.

What more can I say!

More on EasternPeace Hara Conditioning

Zen Mindfulness

I offer Zen Mindfulness as a support for physical and mental well-being as well as a spiritual path relevant to the needs of modern life.

Zen Mats & Cushions at Bodhizendo Zen Centre
  • Traditional Zen shared in a spiritual but non-religious context
  • Informed by Western Mindfulness teaching and relevant to the 'real' world.
  • Fused with Japanese Hara based practices for authentic aliveness and embodiment.
  • Enriched with Compassionate Touch practices for Connection & Human Feeling

As the Dalai Lama says, "Misery is a Reality, but Suffering is a Choice".

I hope to give people that choice with these sharings.

More on EasternPeace Zen Mindfulness

Tai Chi Qi Gong

Tai Chi Qi Gong comprises practices which prepare the practitioner to do Tai Chi well. They are superbly good for our health and for many are enough in themselves.

Anthony pracising Qi Gong in China
  • The various forms are easy to learn for most people.
  • They don't require too much time each day.
  • They can be adjusted to suit people of any age with any health condition.
  • And they are incredibly good for both your physical and mental health.

What more can I say!

More on EasternPeace Tai Chi Qi Gong

Yang & Chen Style Tai Chi

I offer training in both Yang & Chen Style Small Circle Tai Chi as a path for personal well-being, therapeutic journey and spiritual evolution.

Anthony teaching Tai Chi in Thailand
  • Embodied mindfulness - eyes open, body active, mind connected with the external world yet still and quiet.
  • Therapeutic movement, not performance work or martial training (though the forms are clean).
  • Quality of movement, not quantity.
  • A whole new way to experience and explore life in a body

As the old Chinese saying goes, "While there is still breath in the body..."
With a little heart and effort, everything can change.

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Mental Health Work

My writing on mental health and spiritual emergence / emergency and my mental health wellness coaching service is hosted on its own dedicated site

SensitiveBeing Website

My philosophy is simple:

  • There is something positive and resourced at the heart of human beings (even if it needs a bit of work to uncover)
  • Challenges are an invitation to journey and grow, not to repress with medications.
  • Non-ordinary states / psychosis can be mindfully navigated and lived with.
  • We enter them for a reason, and once that reason has been faced, they stop naturally or become a healthy part of the life.

More on SensitiveBeing

News / Events

This Summer I will be teaching Tai Chi & Qi Gong classes locally around the Woking area and online with the Dragon Cafe.

I will be giving treatments at the Summer of Love festival again in Switzerland and there will be HeartTouch workshops in London, Bristol, Norwich, Otley, Hathersage, Glasgow & Edinburgh and internationally in Piemonte (Italy), Luxembourg, Lausanne & Kiental (Switzerland).

I will also be offering Tai Chi retreats in Italy and Thailand.

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