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Sei Ki HeartTouch

This course explores Sei Ki, rooted in the Shiatsu and Shinto traditions

An experiential training for Shiatsu / Bodywork therapists, Psychotherapists / Clinicians.

As well as facilitating personal transformation and self learning, this workshop explores the embodied foundations of co-regulation and care suitable for assisting people experiencing any level of emotional distress, up to and including complex trauma.

Via Carpaccio, Piazzale Gabrio Piola 12, 20133, Milan. October 6th 2023 10am-4pm visit the venue

Anthony teaching Sei Ki HeartTouch in Milan

Course content

Sei Ki, founded by the late Akinobu Kishi is both a practical Ki Therapy and a Way, a path of spiritual development through compassionately meeting others in bodywork.

Our journey together will be one of returning to simplicity, to our original nature. Finding our relationship to the ground, our centre, our heart and opening the raw energy of the Hara.

As we recover our life feeling and resonance with all that is, our capacity to share this with others through our touch will come naturally and joyfully.

Anthony teaching Sei Ki HeartTouch in Piemonte

Course objectives

Participants will enhance their capacity / be able:

  • to enter resonance with those they touch
  • to rest in empty presence and be there for their clients
  • to feel their own Ki and that of the other
  • to take care of themselves while 'giving' to others
  • to strengthen and harmonise their Ki with daily practice
  • to share Sei Ki Treatments with friends and family
  • to integrate Sei Ki into their professional therapy work in a way sensitive for people experiencing trauma

Finally, our goal is to come to a good feeling within ourselves, to open our hearts and share this Kokoro with those we meet in our lives.

For more information on Sei Ki please see this pdf: What happens in a Sei Ki Session?

With Italian translation by google: Cosa succede in una sessione di Sei Ki?

Course Language

English with Italian translation

Target Group

Experienced Shiatsu, Cranio-Sacral, Acupressure, and other body therapists are welcome as are clinicians / health workers / midwives seeking to better support their patients. Beginners unfamiliar with therapeutic or compassionate touch are also welcome. What we need most is a warm heart and desire to work with others through touch.

About Anthony:

Anthony Fidler

He is British, 51, a graduate of Cambridge University and has been exploring Mindfulness based meditation, Tai Chi and Ki based Therapeutic Bodywork for the past 20 years.

He had his own journey of anxiety and what we can call psychosis between 2001-2010. After a six month period on anti-psychotic medications in 2001, he came off them and developed his own ways to recover and live a full life. He now shares what he learnt both with those seeking to help others in extreme states and those experiencing them.

He is a qualified Mindfulness teacher, Tai Chi teacher and an experienced student of the late Akinobu Kishi , the founder of Sei Ki.

Click here for more on Anthony's background and experience


The event is being taught in English by Anthony Fidler with translation into Italian and hosted by Serena Trotti.

This workshop is open to shiatsu / bodywork therapists, psychotherapists and medical clinicians.

Workshop Fee: 60 Eur

So please get in touch if you would like to attend: Contact EasternPeace

Per prenotare la vostra partecipazione e per maggiori informazioni: Serena Trotti 3495337701

Testimonials from previous HeartTouch workshops:

Anthony Fidler has remarkable qualities and much valuable experiences of creating safe spaces where we can together explore difficult things.

This happens through movement, touch, breath work and so much more.

He has a very instinctive approach that can tune in to what people need regardless of their circumstances and needs.

I can thoroughly recommend people to join his workshops especially for families who are struggling with emotional distress.

Jen, Skipton

I came to HeartTouch through a posting that was shared with me online. Wasn't quite sure what to expect, but as I do a lot of work in Mindfulness and have been interested in Reiki and being a massage therapist, I thought I'd give it a go.

This work is about the individual opening up to the power of touch and flow of energy in the body.

That is it... there is nothing magical or out there about it.

The weekend we spent together was tribute to the power of this way of being.

No matter what you have going on, physical, mental, emotional... this work is so important.

Not only receiving the touch, but also offering the touch.

I am looking forward to taking this work of touch as well as mindful movement into my daily life and sharing it with whomever is open and interested in it.

Thanks Anthony!

James, Bristol

Anthony is a very engaging and enthusiastic presenter, he has a deep, uncompromising love for his practice and an unstinting generosity in sharing his knowledge.

His workshop has helped me to refresh my Qi-based practice and develop my understanding of this fascinating work.

Elise, Bristol

Anthony creates a welcoming and safe space, and he is very open about his own past mental heath struggles.

This enhances trust and a sense of community for participants who have faced/are facing mental health challenges.

Furthermore, it creates a sense of equity and democratises (as much as possible) the therapeutic space where participants are considered *experts* of their bodies and experience.

Dina, Bristol

I would certainly recommend people give Heart Touch workshops a try.

It's simple and affective treatment almost anyone can learn. I came away feeling empowered in body, mind and soul.

Peter, Bristol

This is a great workshop for all those who wish to learn how to be there for themselves!

I've always struggled to soothe myself when others aren't available and I've been implementing new things that Anthony confirmed was useful, giving me further tools to practice on.

We also learnt other ways for others to be there for us and that was very interesting too.

"I've learnt nothing" is probably right, as I've learnt so much by very simple, but often missed, things to which Anthony guide us back towards.

Anna, Norwich

Anthony has this wonderful skill to make practices powerful but simple enough so I can use them in every day life.

I very much appreciated learning a technique of safe touch to soothe and release emotions, which I will certainly use with my clients.

Silvija, Luxembourg

The Heart Touch Training was completely new to me.

I hoped this might be another step in helping me deal with some childhood trauma that I am currently working on from different angles.

The training was focussed on grounding and coming back to your own breath and turning towards your inner being, finding this deeper connection with oneself in the first place and all of this in a safe place, and yes, it worked!

I felt immediately at ease and was able to feel the connection and calmness coming over me.

This training gave me some precious tools that I will surely use on my personal journey.

Annick, Luxembourg

Anthony was really engaging and down to earth with this workshop.

There was plenty of practices to try out and opportunity to reflect.

I learned a great deal which will inform both my own personal growth as well as my practice as a shiatsu practitioner.

I intend bringing some of the practices into my own personal and professional practice.

Thanks to Anthony for his compassionate presence, honesty and heart opening quality to his creative heart-touch approach, may it continue to grow in our communities where it is so needed . Corrinna Bain, shiatsu practitioner.

Corrinna, UK

Anthony's engaging and authentic teaching style provides a very grounded approach to this work, inspired by his own experiences and work with Akinobu Kishi

Elaine, UK

The work helped me immensely.

I have not felt so calm and grounded for a very long time.

I feel the work gave me some valuable tools to calm and ground myself.

Really grateful for the safe and welcoming space that Anthony created and held throughout the day.

Dina, UK

I would highly recommend Anthony's training to anyone needing to down-regulate their nervous system and wishing to be better able to connect with others.

Anthony's practices are unique, grounded in decades of training with Eastern masters.

Through these he has discovered what helps him in his moment to moment experience of life.

He embodies his experience with complete authenticity and this is what makes the training so powerful.

I felt really calm and revitalised by the day's workshop and look forward to attending another.

Anon, UK

I attended Anthony’s HeartTouch workshop not quite knowing exactly what to expect, and to be honest I was just the slightest bit apprehensive about how it would be to be touched by or have to touch someone I did not know.

But for some time now as a parent of a son with psychosis and as an advocate for compassionate healing outside of the coercive psychiatric model, I had a hunch that this work might be important.

Anthony has also worked with my eldest son online with really positive results, another reason I wanted to see the workshop practise for myself.

Within moments of arriving the space was so welcoming as was Anthony himself.

There were flowers that filled the room with beauty, and the dojo itself was light and airy.

We had tea and by the time we started the meditative walking practise I was fully present and grateful to be doing this work.

We chanted together, which I found so enriching. The touch work happened in the afternoon when there was a sense of safety and camaraderie that Anthony had created from the morning session.

The afternoon offered me a way to connect deeply to my own sense of self and also to the partner I was working with.

I think that the profound effect of touch cannot be overestimated. I wish that I had been able to use it when my son was distressed as I think it would have deescalated some of his fear.

We all need to learn to live in our body and to come back to the breath and to remind each other to do so.

The mind and body are but one organism as this workshop reaffirmed for me.

Thanks Anthony. I will be back and will put to use what this teaching has given me.

Tanya Frank, UK

I found the day really valuable.

It was structured and paced in such a way that one activity naturally moved to the next with increased intensity that always felt safe and healing.

Thank you Anthony.

Jo, UK

Simple yet such incredibly powerful work.

Exploring these practices in our society which is grossly touched deprived as a means for supporting each other is necessary now more than ever.

Thank you Anthony

Andrew, UK

The Heart touch training was an opportunity to develop an understanding of and participate in compassionate based bodywork.

It gave me an understanding of how therapeutic touch can soothe the nervous system and open the human heart.

Joan, UK

I would recommend Anthony's workshops and approach.

His focus, exploring our self perception and how to develop and work with this in relation to supporting both ourselves and others, I feel to be very effective.

Adam, UK

The HeartTouch workshop was held in a beautiful Zen healing space, and we warmed up into the bodywork practices very gently.

Thank you.

Emily, UK

Your workshop was very useful because it gave me a lot of tools to help me relax in a more profound way, acknowledge my feelings and come back to my body.

I also loved the compassionate touch practices.

I found them very rewarding, a great way to connect with other people and to honour our basic humanity.

Monica, Luxembourg