Classes »»» Tai Chi Foundations for Health and Well-being
Tuesdays: 8th October - 12th November 2024 20.00-21.30
All Saints Woodham Church, Woking

EasternPeace Tai Chi Foundations Course

Small Circle Yang Style Tai Chi for Health & Vitality

The Course

Anthony teaching Tai Chi in Thailand

Join me for an immersive six-part course exploring the principles of Yang Style Tai Chi with the goal of establishing a strong foundation for your Tai Chi practice.

The emphasis will be on Tai Chi for inner calm, vitality and rejuvenation, not martial applications.

We will learn a short sequence, I call Yang 6, which will be sufficient for supporting health and well-being and prepare you for learning more 'form' in future courses.

I will share videos to practice with before each class and after so the maximum benefit can be taken from our time together.

What I need from you is the commitment to practise what we learn together.

Perhaps more than any other health activity, learning Tai Chi requires daily practice especially at the beginning of your learning journey, but it is worth it. The rewards are very great!

Our goal is for you to be able to be able to practise the Tai Chi independently and continue for the rest of your life.


Anthony practising Tai Chi in Thailand
  • Tai Chi Principles:
    • - Empty Mind (Chan / Zen)
    • - Sinking the Weight (Chen)
    • - Poise & Relaxation (Fansung)
    • - Expanding Energy (Peng)
    • - Spiral Energy (Chansi)
    • - Simple Applications (Jin)
    • - No Doing (Wu Wei)
  • Tu La & Yin Yang Qi Gong
  • Spontaneous Qi Ball
  • Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong
  • Small Circle Yang Tai Chi 6 Form (adapted from beginning of 24 Form)

About Anthony:

Anthony Fidler

I graduated from Cambridge University in 1992 with a degree in computer science & management along with a breakdown.

I worked for a couple of years first as a financial auditor, then a computer programmer before deciding to pack up my life and see what I could find in Asia to help my body relax and recover its vitality.

After travelling through India & Nepal for six months, I arrived in China, found a Yang Style Tai Chi teacher and never looked back.

I studied modern style Beijing 24, 42 Form and Chen 74 with a teacher called Wang Zhi Ping in China between 1997 and 2006. I lived there for a year and a half at one stage.

Over a few visits to Chenjiagou, I became a student of Chen Zhao Sen and learn his Chen Forms, but eventually settled with Yang Dong Bao from 2010 eventually learning both his Yang & Chen Small Circle Tai Chi.

I continued spending six months a year with Yang Dong Bao, learning 1-1 with him daily until I slowly reduced the study time to one month a year by 2014. My last visit was in the Autumn of 2018.

I taught Modern Yang Style Tai Chi between 2005-2007 in the UK, and then started again sharing Small Circle Style from 2014.

Click here for more on Anthony's Tai Chi background and experience

Course Details

The event is being hosted by Anthony Fidler.

Venue: All Saints Church Woodham, 564 Woodham Lane, Woking, GU21 5SH - visit All Saints Woodham

Date & Time: Six Tuesdays 8th October - 12th November 2024

Anthony teaching Tai Chi in a Zen Centre in India

Tuesdays: 20.00 - 21.30 (20.05 start)

  • Week 1: Class 1 - Oct 8th
  • Week 2: Class 2 - Oct 15th
  • Week 3: Class 3 - Oct 22nd
  • Week 4: Class 4 - Oct 29th
  • Week 5: Class 5 - Nov 5th
  • Week 6: Class 6 - Nov 12th

If people start the course late, I will see what I can do to help you catch up.

This course is for anyone interested in learning Small Circle Tai Chi. It will be suitable for people with any physical and mental health conditions or with chronic pain.

Workshop size: my intention is to have a fairly small group, around 10 people, so the teaching can be quite personal.

Nb. I encourage interested students to join one or more of the introductory Tai Chi Qi Gong classes to get a feel for my teaching before signing up for a Tai Chi course.

Course Fees

Workshop Fee: Six Part Tai Chi Course: £108 or pro rata if joining the course after its beginning.

Cancellation / Refunds: 50% when notice is given at least 1 week prior to the course.

Payment can be made in two stages if required.

I can provide bank details for transfers or a card link for online card payment.

Contact & Booking

So please get in touch if you would like to attend: Contact EasternPeace

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