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Weathering Storms

Resilience & Recovery Training for Psychosis.
A Mindfulness & Compassionate Connection based Approach.

A 30hr Two-Month Embodied Mindfulness Course from September 16th to November 19th 2023

The Bonnington Centre, 11 Vauxhall Grove, London, SW8 1TD.

Anthony teaching in London September 2022

Join me for a mindfulness & compassionate touch based training to support our inner resilience and set us on a path to recovery from extreme emotional & mental distress.

Our aim is to come to a good feeling within ourselves, learn strategies to regulate our nervous systems and rebalance emotional energies, calm inner voices and enhance our capacity to navigate life with the sensitivities that we have.

When you enhance your capacity to weather emotional / mental storms, life becomes more manageable and situations are less likely to escalate and require hospitalization or medication.

An Oak Tree I like!

Embodied Mindfulness

Embodied Mindfulness is a way of being in which you are fully connected with your body and you feel safe.

Your mind is quiet and present to your experience of life happening that moment and your heart feels warm and open to yourself and to those around you.

This is a state of well-being and good feeling.

Perhaps we can become as real and authentic within ourselves as an oak tree in a field, sharing its presence with perfect generosity.

We will explore together how mindfulness & touch based connection practices can help us to move closer towards this state of well-being.

We are not looking for 'cures' or 'fixes'. Whatever our 'role' we are learning to be with ourselves and to be ourselves. Just as important we are learning to be fully present with others.

As we transform the way we relate to ourselves, our experiences and the world, symptoms which distress us may also change.

Mindfulness for Psychosis:

In this embodied mindfulness course we will journey together through 6 stages of inner exploration over two months:

  • Sep 16th (4hrs): It is Good That You Are - Embodiment & Embracing Life
  • Sep 17th (6hrs): You are a Human Being, not a Doing - Crafting a Healthy Mind
  • ~Sep 26th (1hr): Online Community Supporting Chat
  • ~Oct 5th (1hr): Online Community Supporting Chat
  • Oct 15th (6hrs): Embracing the Light & the Dark - Working with Inner 'Mess', Balancing Emotions, Healing Trauma, Calming Inner Critiques & Voices.
  • ~Oct 25th (1hr): Online Community Supporting Chat
  • ~Nov 8th (1hr): Online Community Supporting Chat
  • Nov 18th (4hrs): Abide Where There is No Abiding - Navigating Ordinary & Non-Ordinary States
  • Nov 19th (6hrs): Love: Self Compassion & Connection To Life

Click here for more depth: Weathering Storms Course Outline

As with any Mindfulness course, what makes all the difference is how you practise and make effort to explore what is shared. A lot can happen in the group transformational space, but still in the end, the little bit we do each day is what sculpts who we are. The course will include practice suggestions week by week.

It is not easy to practise on ones own, so in between the in-person events, there will be 4 online gatherings to chat and support each other as a group. Individuals can also converse online or meet up in person with other members in between as they wish.

About Anthony:

Anthony Fidler

I had my own journey first with anxiety, panic attacks and mild depression while in my final year at Cambridge University in 1991.

This continued during my work as a financial auditor, where I experienced chronic stress and then as a software programmer where I went into a meltdown of physical and mental fatigue. A serious breakdown / burnout.

Despite massive efforts to heal myself, this journey continued in 2001, with me entering non-ordinary states, we can say spiritual psychosis perhaps.

After an 8 month period in the psychiatric system, I came off anti-psychotic medications and took personal responsibility for my own well-being. This journey continued for the next 8 years with me going in an out of challenging non-ordinary states until I stabilised in 2010.

Over time I've become a qualified Mindfulness teacher, Tai Chi & Qi Gong teacher and have been teaching since 2015. I am also an experienced student of the late Akinobu Kishi , the founder of Sei Ki and teach his amazing touch therapy in my own way. I've spent twenty-five years exploring these fields with total dedication.

I found my own ways to recover and live a full life and now share what I learnt with others experiencing extreme states, trauma, broken nervous systems or simply chronic stress situations and misery.

Click here for more on Anthony's background and experience


The event is being hosted by Anthony Fidler.

This workshop is open to anyone experiencing anxiety, emotional pain or trauma with a diagnosis of acute psychosis or bipolar or something similar. We are happy to accept people hearing voices, or experiencing non-ordinary reality on a regular basis.

I request students to book a short personal appointment with me , so we can get to know each other, before you attend the workshop.

Workshop size: Maximum 8 people.


  • Full Individual Fee: £360
  • Half Scholarship: £260
  • Full Scholarship: £160

Nb. The course has been kindly sponsored by two individuals who are offering scholarships for those in an unwaged / low waged situation.

This is for the 30 hours of contact time, with a small group of students which is very good value for London!

If you need further support still, please discuss this with me. We will consider situations on an individual basis. The most important criteria is willingness to work on oneself and see if the practices can help your emotional / mental well-being.

Please contact me to discuss your situation if you wish to accept a scholarship place.

The course fee includes a pre-workshop 1-1 chat for half hour so we can get to know each other.

Cancellation / Refunds: 50% when notice is given at least 1 week prior to the workshop.

Places are limited to 8 so please book early to be confident of attending.

Registration Process:

The event is by invitation. The application process is as follows:

  • We request that people apply by contacting us
  • Then once we confirm there are places available, complete the application form
  • We will then come back to you and suggest a short online 1-1 session.
  • We will then confirm your place on the workshop once you've paid.

Nb. The intention with the application form is to provide an opportunity for you to communicate personal needs so we can hold the space well for you. It also allows you and us to reflect whether you are in a good enough 'space' to benefit from the practices being offered with the support we will have available on the day.

Pre-workshop 1-1 sessions are invaluable in my experience in terms of allowing us to establish a personal resonance before you enter the group environment.

Thank you, Anthony.

So please get in touch if you would like to attend: Contact EasternPeace

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