Classes »»» Tai Chi Qi Gong for Well-being & Vitality
Tuesdays: 25th June - 17th September 2024 20.15-21.15
All Saints Woodham Church, Woking

EasternPeace Tai Chi Qi Gong

Practices Supporting Well-being & Vitality

Anthony practising Qi Gong in China

In this series of classes we will explore a variety of Qi-Based Practices supporting well-being & vitality.

Our aim is to quieten our minds and come to a good feeling within ourselves whatever our state of health or life situation.

The practices will be sufficient in themselves to create a daily / regular self-care routine.

The classes will also serve as a preparation for joining my Tai Chi Foundations Course in the Autumn.

All welcome. These classes will be suitable for people with any physical and mental health conditions or with chronic pain.

Regular attendance or drop in and out are both okay with these classes.


  • Walking into Mindfulness
  • Tu La & Yin Yang Qi Gong
  • Spontaneous Qi Ball
  • Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong
  • Hara Conditioning Exercises

About Anthony:

Anthony Fidler

I had my own journey first with anxiety, panic attacks and mild depression while in my final year at Cambridge University in 1991.

This continued during my work as a financial auditor, where I experienced chronic stress and then as a software programmer where I went into a meltdown of physical and mental fatigue. A serious breakdown / burnout.

Despite massive efforts to heal myself, this journey continued in 2001, with me entering non-ordinary states, we can say spiritual psychosis perhaps.

After an 8 month period in the psychiatric system, I came off anti-psychotic medications and took personal responsibility for my own well-being. This journey continued for the next 8 years with me going in an out of challenging non-ordinary states until I stabilised in 2010.

Over time I've become a qualified Mindfulness teacher, Tai Chi & Qi Gong teacher and have been teaching since 2015. I am also an experienced student of the late Akinobu Kishi , the founder of Sei Ki and teach his amazing touch therapy in my own way. I've spent twenty-five years exploring these fields with total dedication.

I found my own ways to recover and live a full life and now share what I learnt with others experiencing extreme states, trauma, broken nervous systems or simply chronic stress situations.

Click here for more on Anthony's background and experience

Course Details

The event is being hosted by Anthony Fidler.

Venue: All Saints Church Woodham, 564 Woodham Lane, Woking, GU21 5SH - visit All Saints Woodham

Dates: Eight Tuesdays between 25th June - 17th September 2024

Time: 20.15 - 21.15

Anthony practising with Chen Zhao Sen in China
  • Class 1 - June 25th
  • Class 2 - July 9th
  • Class 3 - July 30th
  • Class 4 - August 6th
  • Class 5 - August 13th
  • Class 6 - August 20th
  • 2 Week Self Practice
  • Class 7 - September 10th
  • Class 8 - September 17th

Workshop size: Max: 15 people

Course Fees

Workshop Fee: £15 / Class

Payment can be made prior to the class by bank transfer or card payment. I will send details once you contact me to book a place.

There will be a 20% discount if you book 4 or more classes.

Contact & Booking

So please get in touch if you would like to attend: Contact EasternPeace

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